Thursday, 24 April 2008

Bush camp - bush camp (malawi border...

looking rather camp as i try my best to look dangerous
look a 20cm giraffe - how cute!
george chatting up a local lady
ja and people thought we were crazy.

well we woke up early that morning to get the most out of the day. we had to ride through the mikumi national park. which is literally a road running though the middle of a small park. lions the works. we left at 6:30 and rode as the sun rose. africa is just so beautiful at that time of the day. it seems as everything is just being born for the first time. we entered the park and the first sign read ' warning, dangerous animals ahead'. nice i thought. ive ridden 20.000km only to be eaten by a lion in malawi. we rode through an about 10km in we came across a little dirt road. we went down it about 3km (its illegal to ride through Mikumi park - but we did anyway - adventure calls!} after about 10min we thought better about it and turned back. i really didnt want to get eaten by a lion anyway. i rather like this rump of mine. we carried on riding and saw giraffe, buffalo, elephants only 10 metres away. we saw a warthog as well. it was fantastic to see all these animals from your bike on a road. i really had the feeling that i was riding through africa that morning. whilst stopped in the park we were visited by a game warden, he came over to us eagerly asking what the hell we were doing parked in a park with so many lions in it. we carried on for the rest of the day and it was just a wonderful ride. beautiful roads, lovely vistas and dreamlike cruising. southern tanzania is just beautiful. huge open plains and a sky that seems to be inifinitley high. howcome the skies and the land seem so much bigger here in africa? later in the afternoon we came across a cyclist. these guys are bloody mad. riding through africa on a bike, all by himself! well... he was a really nice fellow and we ended up camping the night with him. just to cook him dinner - after cycling 13.000km we thought he deserved it.

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