Friday, 23 May 2008

Livingstone - Gweta

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no comment
sunset on vic falls. wont forget that in a hurry
mist in africa!
me and some local chinas chilling on the ferry boat
zambiam botswana border crossing
another straight road calls for another bob marley song in hebrew

Well left Livingstone early in the morning for a long days ride to botswana gweta. krikey the roads in zambia and botswana are boring. so boring in fact that i fall asleep. the only way to keep me awake is to drink coke

or red bull. but im so tired that it really helps. so i sing to myself. i sing all kinds of songs. i make some of them up and then i often sing songs that i know in chinese, russian, dutch or german. i cant speak any of these languages but singing away in strange tongues does one thing for me, it keeps me awake and alert! strange i know...

i came acorss a big truck flipped onto it's side. we see a lot of that in africa. incredible accidents in chilled out places on the road. how do they crash things like that in these places? well never apart from nearly having a huge truck reverse into me at the border the other highlight of the day was getting hit by a huge bug and whilst i was peering down i hit a great big wopping pothole. a big one. and i thought,,, thats it, here we go again! turns out i only badly damaged my rim (later i realized it went a lot further - but thats another story). so nothing really exciting exept long straight boring roads with a bearded weirdo singing the russian of Staying alive.

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debbie said...

Rob, amazing photos of the Salt Pans, have been there and know how incredibly beautiful the area is and how the feeling of space is so over powering. Love the blog and will miss it when this journey is over. So proud of you. Mom